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About Us

Your Child Is Unique

Our Philosophy

Puddle Duck’s philosophy is based on a belief that children of all abilities benefit from an inclusive environment, emphasizing acceptance of individual differences and ability levels. Every child learns in their own way; because each child is unique. Including yours. This is why we don't restrict our academy to just one learning style. We use many different styles of learning techniques to support each child as they branch out and discover new things to learn, in their own ways, at their own pace. 

We use a combination of teaching techniques such as Montessori,  child lead play, STEAM, teacher guided, group play, loose parts play, sensory discovery,  and many others. 

Most of all, children learn by DOING. Play is their main job and it's how they learn. Here at Puddle Ducks we understand the importance of hands on learning through play, and we encourage each child to discover and explore their world every day, all the while giving them a safe place to do so.  

We also believe that independence, caring for our bodies, life and social skills are key for every child to learn, as they are important for healthy growth, so we practice these skills daily. 

Our Code of Ethics

* We will keep your child safe at all costs. This includes  both physical, mental, and their emotional well being. 


* We will be honest, transparent, and hold ourselves accountable when needed. 


* We will respect the value and individuality of each child. Every child is different, and every child matters. We will nurture them, and meet them where they are, teaching them in the ways they learn best. 

* We will be a safe haven for both children and parents alike. We will do no purposeful harm. We will help support and build up families. 

* We will provide an age appropriate atmosphere for learning. We will offer extensive opportunities in multiple different ways for different learning abilities. 


Our Core Values

Safety - Your childs safety will always be our top priority

Honesty - We will always be honest and transparent 

Communication - Your child's village is strengthened by good communication between their parent and caregivers. We use and encourage lots of communication with our families daily. 

Grace - We strive to give grace and kindness to all, just as God gives us. We are all human and we all struggle. We hope to be that extra encouragement that helps you get through your day. We want your child to know that here at Puddle Ducks, they can make messes and make mistakes, it's all a part of learning and growing. 

Love - God calls us to love one another. We vow to love your precious child as we love our own. Children can not learn if they do not feel loved and safe. We are also excited to share God's love with your little ones.

Integrity - Our moral principles guide us to always do what we believe is right. We take your trust in us very seriously

Health and Safety

We take your child's health and safety very seriously above all else. We would love to go over with you our policies that we have in place to best protect your child, from special doorknobs that resist bacteria, to our daily cleaning practices, to our sick policies that protect the whole class.  

Boy Playing with Abacus
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