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Places and Spaces

Diverse Learning Environments


Our infants are cared for in a more home type environment for their comfort, where they sleep and eat on demand. Infants get lots of floor time in safe spaces designed just for them.

An infant section is also included in the classroom for socialization and group time, as well as having their own fenced in section for outside time. 



Toddlers and Preschoolers spend their learning time in the spacious main classroom, where every element of the entire room was designed and customized with the children's safety and learning needs in mind.  

Each toy has been handpicked, each lesson personally designed, each learning center set up, with your child's best interests at heart.

We utilize toy rotation to prevent boredom, as well as create engaging lesson plans and activities to keep your child learning and entertained throughout the day. 


Our fully fenced playground consists of lots of opportunities to use their gross motor (large motor) skills, such as climbing, digging, bouncing, running, and exploring. It is equipped with a clubhouse and two slides, a playhouse, a sand tent, a digging station, as well as a mud kitchen, water table, large outdoor chalkboard, magnet board, and large outdoor sensory table for even more discovery and engaging play. 

Infants have a separate fenced area for their safety and special play needs, while still getting the important fresh air and Vitamin D just like their older friends. 

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